Welcome To Lorraine’s House Sober Living For Women

Lorraine’s House is an array of sober living homes for women providing a transitional living environment dedicated to changing the lives of women suffering from addiction. Lorraine’s House residents agree to maintain sobriety and offer each other support while living together as a community.

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Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

Lorraine’s House gives women the chance to ease back into their everyday lives.

Lorraine’s House is a Very Unique Experience

“At Lorraine’s House, we believe that strong women make strong communities—of support, friendship, compassion, laughter, and respect. We know that strong women are made even stronger by their triumphs, and together we can build long-lasting friendships of thriving women building a unique and joyous life of recovery together!”

~ Lorraine’s House Residents

Tour Lorraine’s Homes

At all of our sober living homes, we provide: Beautiful open kitchen spaces. Fine dining areas. Inviting living or family rooms. Huge backyards with plenty of comfortable seating and comfortable bedrooms. We also have an in-house gym. With our stunning home amenities, we create a sober living environment that allows you to be honest and accountable in your sobriety journey.

“As a community of women who have found success and happiness in recovery, we invite you to come join our family.”

~ Lucy Brown

House Amenities

Lorraine’s House provides people the chance to surround themselves with women in the same place in life, with the same goals of staying clean and sober. We don’t just provide a house. We provide professionally structured living in a luxurious environment. 

Home Gym

In-home gym open to all Lorraine’s House residents.

Wi-fi + Cable

Movie night with the girls is the ultimate time to bond!

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Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

If you’re in recovery, you know that you had to make a tough choice to begin new habits. It was, lightly put, a MAJOR change. Let Lorraine’s House guide you through your sobriety.